Reform of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee: Where are we and how does it benefit humanitarian operations? 

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) is the primary mechanism for inter-agency coordination of humanitarian assistance, involving the key UN and non-UN humanitarian partners. The webinar will introduce key features of the IASC since the reform of January 2019. It will look at key changes, including new structures and working methods. It will also introduce achievements since agreement of the IASC 2019 Strategic Priorities and Workplan. The aim is to introduce the ‘new IASC’, highlight key IASC outputs, their relevance to field operations and what still needs to be done to strengthen this link, and make the IASC more accessible to field-based partners.

Ms. Shelbaya will focus on the new IASC structure, ways of working, strategic priorities and collaboration with humanitarian partners beyond the IASC, while Ms. Guarnieri will focus on the critical role that the Operational Policy and Advocacy Group (OPAG) plays in driving forward key normative work in support of the IASC and to ensure a more effective humanitarian response.


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