In recent years, the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) has made significant efforts to strengthen mechanisms to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse in the field. Recent initiatives include the appointment of a IASC champion on PSEA (currently UNHCR) to ensure that the issue is given the highest priority in the humanitarian system; increased technical capacity deployed in RC/HC offices; the establishment of complaints mechanisms and in-country PSEA networks; and an OCHA-managed fund to enable NGOs to carry out investigations, among other actions. However, continued instances of sexual exploitation and abuse in the field show that much more needs to be done, including through enhanced accountability, robust investigations, better resourcing for PSEA, focus on survivors, and building community trust in the PSEA systems.

This P2P webinar provides a platform for humanitarian leadership to discuss challenges and share best practice on prioritizing and supporting ongoing PSEA efforts, particularly through better understanding community dynamics on effectively preventing SEA; engaging with communities with the principles of partnership, respect and dignity; and building trust in reporting mechanisms, incident management and prevention through effective training of personnel, investigation procedures, disciplinary action and sanctions for the crimes committed.



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