On 5-14 February 2024, building on the first support mission to Mozambique in February 2022, the P2P undertook a follow-up mission upon the request of the HC and HCT. Mozambique continues to face stark and wide-ranging humanitarian needs: more than 2.2 million people across the country require humanitarian assistance and protection, including 1.7 million people in need because of the conflict in northern Mozambique (including approximately 670,000 IDPs), and 554,000 people in need due to natural hazards in the rainy/cyclonic season that runs from October to April. 

The purpose of the P2P support mission was to help the country team reflect on the collective humanitarian response and identify priority actions to strengthen it, with an emphasis on three key objectives: 1. Determining whether the collective humanitarian response direction requires adjustments to meet its objectives; 2. Identifying immediate and rapid corrective actions needed to improve the delivery of humanitarian assistance; and 3. Proposing options to strengthen the collective advocacy on Mozambique. 

The P2P mission team was composed of senior humanitarians from WFP, UNHCR, NRC and the Yemeni NNGO SMEPS, as well as a former HC as Team Leader. The team led extensive consultations with hundreds of humanitarians across the response, including through nine workshops in Maputo, Pemba and Nampula, multiple bilateral and small-group meetings, and meetings with affected communities in Nampula, Mocimboa da Praia and Pemba. At the end of the mission, the team presented the findings to the HCT and helped the HCT agree on a concrete action plan on strengthening the response – with action points around enhancing operational presence in the field, streamlining coordination and boosting localization.

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