In line with the security measures and in some cases total lockdown, community engagement is very challenging for the humanitarian workers when nobody is moving around. Therefore, how to reach out to the communities and protect? What is the most relevant and fit for purpose risk communication about prevention and how much can be done when working from home? How to adapt AAP approaches and tools in light of the COVID-19 measures and what communication/messaging in support of the Government strategy the humanitarian community can support with?
In consultation with the EDG, Peer to Peer is organising this webinar series. The goal is to bring forward and highlight critical operational issues faced by HCs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and provide an opportunity to share guidance and lessons learned, as well as allow space for exchanges among HCs. Given the unprecedented nature of this global crisis, this is a critical opportunity to also promote cross-learning and exchanges to better support the most vulnerable populations.

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