In many humanitarian reviews and evaluations, weak collaboration between different components of the coordination architecture is often cited as contributing to a less effective humanitarian response.  Operational Peer Reviews and P2P mission findings corroborate this statement, identifying oftentimes a disconnect occurring between the strategic leadership (HCT) and the group that is responsible for operationalising the humanitarian response (ICCG). This can happen when the HCT doesn’t provide sufficient strategic guidance to the ICCG to operationalize the response, or when the ICCG doesn’t provide the HCT with sufficient information and analysis to take strategic decisions.

How to overcome these challenges? How can HCTs and ICCG turn this relationship into a productive collaboration supporting the delivery of an effective humanitarian response?

This webinar will provide a platform to illustrate with field examples the steps that can be taken to establish effective interlinkages between the two coordination bodies. Neil Buhne, HC/RC in Pakistan, and Alexandra de Sousa, ICCG coordinator in Ethiopia, will share their views and experiences of a well-functioning relationship in their operations, as well as lessons learned from the challenges they have been confronted with.

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