Protecting Civilians: Mission Impossible? Humanitarian Leadership in Action

Webinar: Practical steps to strengthen the centrality of protection.

Protecting Civilians: Mission Impossible? Humanitarian Leadership in Action
October 21, 2016 Leadership and Coordination

Protecting Civilians: Mission Impossible? Humanitarian Leadership in Action

The championing of protection by senior humanitarian leaders, including Humanitarian Coordinators (HC) and Humanitarian Country Teams (HCT), is critical for putting protection at the heart of the humanitarian response. This expectation is clearly affirmed in the IASC Principles Statement on the centrality of protection in humanitarian action from December 2013. An important aspect is the protection of civilians in armed conflicts which had never been more vital given the perilous situation of tens of millions of civilians in contexts such as Iraq, Syria, South Sudan, the Central Africa Republic, Yemen, and others.
In this webinar, speakers discuss practical steps that they have taken to strengthen the centrality of protection, with a focus on the protection of civilians. It covers actions taken by the HC to influence parties to the conflict in Iraq to enhance the protection of civilians. It also covers actions by the Protection Cluster to support frontline humanitarian workers deal with the inevitable protection dilemma they will face.

Date: 4 October 2016


Lise Grande
Lise Grande has served with the United Nations since 1994, most recently as the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General and UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq. She has also served in Armenia, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, East Timor, Haiti, India, Occupied Palestine, South Sudan, Sudan, and Tajikistan. Lise has been involved in some of the United Nations’ largest humanitarian operations and has also served in peace-keeping missions. 

Dennis Ardis
Dennis Ardis is the Co-Coordinator of the Protection Cluster in Iraq and the Protection Working Group in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Both posts are hosted by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). Prior to this, he worked for the International Rescue Committee in Iraq as a Protection and Advocacy Manager. Dennis began his humanitarian work in the Middle East, spending considerable time in Jordan and the OPT, in 2008, and has since focused on the Region.



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