Leadership and Coordination in Field Operations

WEBINAR: Humanitarian Country Teams and Inter-Cluster Coordination: Can we make it work?

Leadership and Coordination in Field Operations
June 01, 2016 Coordination

Is coordination between the HCT and the ICCG a strategic relationship, or is it just another layer of bureaucracy?

Weak collaboration between different components of the coordination architecture is often cited as contributing to less effective humanitarian responses.

This webinar explains how HCT-ICCG collaboration can impact the effectiveness and efficiency of humanitarian response. 


Mark Bowden, Humanitarian Coordinator for Afghanistan

Loretta Hieber-Girardet, Head of OCHA’s Inter-Cluster Coordination Section

William Chemaly, Danish Refugee Council Representative in Geneva

Cyril Ferrand, FAO/WFP’s Global Food Security Cluster Coordinator.

Date: February 23, 2015



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