Information Management

WEBINAR: Information Management: Is it guiding strategic analysis and supporting operations? Perspectives from the field

Information Management
June 21, 2016 Leadership and Coordination

Information is critical to decision-making and planning in a humanitarian response. Decisions must be based on reliable data and analysis of the needs of the people that are most affected. This is not easy when access to people affected by the crisis is difficult, when the operating environment is dangerous, and when requests for information are frequent and diverse. 

Is information management helping to guide humanitarian strategies and to support the operation in the largest and, arguably, most complex crisis in the world?


Kevin Kennedy, Regional Humanitarian Coordinator (RHC), Whole of Syria

Mathieu Rouquette, Representative, Syria International NGO Regional Forum (SIRF) and co-chair, SIMAWG)

Date: 26 April 2016



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