Humanitarian Delivery and Access

WEBINAR: Humanitarian Access - Are We Delivering Where The Needs Are? Practical Examples From The Field

Humanitarian Delivery and Access
May 29, 2016 Access

Humanitarian operations are increasingly impeded by limited access and a volatile operating environment in conflict situations. Humanitarians' ability to access people affected by a crisis, is increasingly constrained and often dangerous. Humanitarian access is limited by a number of factors such as logistical and resource constraints, insecurity, and bureaucratic impediments.

In this webinar, the STAIT presents three different contexts and approaches to access from three of the most challenging humanitarian environments - Mali, South Sudan, and Syria.


Kevin Kennedy, Whole of Syria’s Regional Humanitarian Coordinator

Lucia Goldsmith, NGO Forum Coordinator in South Sudan

Sophie Solomon, OCHA’s Civil-Military Coordination Officer in Mali

Date: December 15th 2015

Access in Syria Visualisation



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