Accountability to Affected People

WEBINAR: Taking Account, Giving Account and Being Held to Account – Buzzwords or Benefits for People in Crises?

Accountability to Affected People
May 30, 2016 Accountability

The Inter Agency Standing Committee’s (IASC) Principals have agreed to the ‘5 Commitments on Accountability to Affected Populations’ (CAAP). AAP is widely talked about in the humanitarian community, but what does accountability to affected people actually mean in practice?

In this webinar, panellists discuss the difference between accountability and participation, as well as the contrast between collective and individual accountability. Our speakers share concrete tips on how to practically implement AAP commitments in operations, based on examples from the field.

INTERVIEW: Ambassador William Lacy Swing on PSEA

Interview with Ambassador William Lacy Swing on PSEA


Jasmine Whitbread, CEO Save the Children and IASC AAP Champion

Toby Lanzer, South Sudan Humanitarian Coordinator

Nicolas Séris, Global Advisor on Accountability and Aid Integrity at Transparency International

Sutapa Howlader, AAP advisor

Preeta Law, Co-chair IASC Task Team on AAP and PSEA from UNHCR.

Date: 16 April 2015



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