HCT and ICCG Effectiveness

The Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) and Inter Cluster Coordination Group (ICCG) have distinct but complementary functions.

HCT and ICCG Effectiveness
June 01, 2016 Leadership and Coordination

The HCT is responsible for the strategic direction of the humanitarian response, while the ICCG coordinates the operationalisation of the response.

OPRs and STAIT missions have found that sometimes the HCT and ICCG can be disconnected. Cluster lead agencies may not always provide sufficient support to clusters as well as not representing the cluster in the HCT effectively.  

Here are some top tips from Mark Bowden, the Humanitarian Coordinator in Afghanistan.

Together these steps can help guide HCTs and ICCGs in improving their relationships.

Do you have any tips for implementing HCT and ICCG coordination that you would like included? Please email them to STAIT@un.org or leave a private comment after registering on the website.




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