About P2P Support

For Humanitarian Leaders in the Field (formerly known as the Senior Transformative Agenda Implementation Team - STAIT)

About P2P Support
June 01, 2017 Leadership

Peer to Peer Support, formerly known as the Senior Transformative Agenda Implementation Team (STAIT), was created by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Emergency Directors’ Group (EDG) in 2014. It provides peer support to Humanitarian Coordinators (HCs) and Humanitarian Country Teams (HCTs) in order to strengthen the effectiveness of humanitarian response in the field.

The P2P team provides support in three ways:

  1. Mission support with inter-agency teams, including conducting the Operational Peer Reviews
  2. Sharing learnings and good practice with humanitarian practitioners and leaders
  3. Informing policy processes, as appropriate

The P2P team focuses on strengthening implementation of the three Transformative Agenda pillars: leadership, coordination, and accountability to affected people. The P2P team also looks at other issues, which consistently arise during support missions, and impact the effectiveness of the response. Some examples include protection, prioritisation of operations, access/security management, and relief to development.

Communications reinforce the impact of P2P support. The team has an interactive, user-friendly website, host a monthly webinar series and produces the video series 'The Humanitarian STAITMENT'.



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